Hampstead HQ

Why we chose it: Located on the edge of the Highpoint Activity Centre, Hampstead HQ is a mixed-use development on a prominent 9,300sqm site in Maidstone. The corner site enjoys an extensive frontage to busy Hampstead Road.

Our process: A town planning application was lodged for a mixed-use development which included a 7-Eleven, Starbucks Drive-Thru, office space, retail showroom, food and beverage outlets and office/warehouse units.

The outcome: Staged delivery of the project has seen the completion of a 7-Eleven service station, Starbucks Drive-thru and subdivision of a large parcel of land to facilitate the delivery of a National Storage self-storage facility. The final stage saw the delivery of three food and beverage tenancies and a car wash.

Status: Completed
Property Type: Commercial & Industrial
Site Area: 9,300M²
End Value: $19.8M